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Waste-to-Resources 2021

9th International Symposium MBT, MRF and Recycling 2021
18th - 20th of May 2021 in Hanover

Conference, Exhibition, Introductory Seminar, Webinar

Conference with simultaneous translation

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Call for Papers: Waste-to-Resources 2021

9th international conference on circular economy, MBT, MRF, recycling and Zero Waste

Conference, Exhibition, Webinar

From the crisis into the future: Waste-to-Resources is the world's leading conference on material-specific waste treatment. All topics relating to the recycling and conversion of waste are prevalent here, especially mechanical biological treatment. For 2021 we are looking for presentations on current technical, legal and political topics, e.g. from the following areas:

  • Aims, concepts and legal framework conditions in the waste treatment and recycling industry
  • Hydrogen economy and waste as raw materials for H2 production
  • Processing and recycling of plastic waste
  • Return to more disposable products and packaging through Corona?
  • Hygiene standards / Health and Safety in waste management
  • EU Circular Economy Action Plan
  • Waste treatment and recovery: new processes, operating experience, optimisation
  • Comparison of waste treatment technologies (technical, economic and ecological)
  • Production and marketing of secondary raw materials and fuels
  • Energy recovery of fractions from mechanical-biological waste treatment (RDF power plants, cement works, gasification and liquefaction technologies)
  • New approaches and techniques for the recovery of organic waste / waste fractions
  • Operational monitoring, material flows and analysis
  • Emissions and emission treatment
  • Fire protection, fire insurance
  • Increased and more economical recycling by optimizing collection
  • Status and further development of recycling of construction and demolition waste
  • landfill mining
  • Other topics that fit into the context of the conference

Have we spiked your interest? Then please submit your abstract to us by 12 November 2020. Please send it to waste2resources@icp-ing.de:

  • Subject: Presentation offer Waste-to-Resources 2021
  • Title, summary and language of the presentation (English or German)
  • Name of the speaker (m/f)
  • Institution you speak for, name, address, telephone, FAX and e-mail

Speakers are exempt from the participation fee for the event (including conference catering). Travel and accommodation have to be paid by the participants themselves.

The lecture can be submitted and held in English or German. The PowerPoint slides are to be in English or bilingual (D-E). The conference consists of two days in English and one day in German with simultaneous translation into English. Parallel to the face-to-face event, the conference will also be offered as a webinar. Authors agree to the recording and electronic distribution of their contributions.

The 2021 event will differ significantly from the previous Waste-to-Resources conferences due to corona: The lecture room can accommodate a maximum of 108 persons due to the distance requirements. Therefore, we offer the conference additionally as a webinar. Only persons from the EU and the Schengen countries will be able to participate on site. The accompanying exhibition is limited to 12 exhibitors. In addition to the local presence, the exhibitors will have the opportunity for a digital presence in the webinar. Presenters from outside the EU / Schengen area need a powerful internet access, camera and microphone for their contribution. All presentations will be pre-recorded for the webinar to guarantee best and uninterrupted availability worldwide.